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Starting from $3,795

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Market's largestbattery

Reaching eFoil riding times

The casing features a compact design for a smoother ride.

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Take your foiling to the next level
Prone | Wing | Downwind | Wake | eFoil 


Quickly check your battery

The integrated OLED screen provides the rider with valuable information such as battery level, system health and much more.

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Lightning fastcharging

Charge within 1 hr

Setting a new milestone in high speed charging within 1 hr* at 18 Amp.

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Less pumping. More foiling.
Ride in light wind with the help of the motor

Mount it on your own foil

Various mast attachment options

Attach it to any foil board with a 90 mm track.
Coming standard at a 20 cm motor height on the aluminum cable channel and the
integrated mast setups. Adjust it higher or lower by using the standard cable guide. 

Position the motor at the bottom for eFoiling.

Flexible Motor Positioning (3).png

Universal motor pod

Flexible motor positioning

The hydrodynamic aluminum cable channel allows for reduced drag. Position the motor at any height up to 25 cm from the mast plate.

Flow Universal Motorpod.png

Integrated mast

Ultimate ride experience

Experience low drag and quick installation with our 82 cm integrated aluminum mast, with the motor available in two positions: 20 cm for assist, or at the bottom for eFoil. It comes with fuselage adaptors to mount it on your own foil.

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External wired antenna

Enhanced connectivity and signal strength

This optional accessory resolves signal challenges arising from low volume boards & certain boards with excessive carbon fiber. Easily plugs into a dedicated slot on your TakeOff.

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System control and real time telemetry

Enjoy precision control with our feature packed remote. Virtual gear system for setting start level and throttle response. It also comes with safety lock, ride logs, app connectivity, wireless charging and much more.

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Exciting new features

We will be introducing new features in the Manta Foils mobile app, later this year. Some of the features to anticipate include Wave Tracking and online Surfing Leaderboards.

Custom boards

Enhanced riding experience

Pushing your riding experience to even higher levels, our custom boards feature a dedicated recess underneath to perfectly host the TakeOff unit, eliminating drag during touchdowns. 

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Rediscover foiling

One system. Multiple ways of riding.

Forget about paddling to catch a wave or using a jetski for towing yourself. Discover the freedom of foiling by starting with the motor. Get more waves, on further spots, even on smaller bumps.

*Data on this page is for reference only. ‌Actual experience may vary depending on the environment, usage, equipment, rider expertise and weight. Actual product may vary.

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