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An Electric Motor Kit for your Foil

Install our electric assist system on your foil to start foiling without effort and takeoff in any conditions.



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Conquer Foiling like never before.
Position yourself on the sweet spot of the wave with the TakeOff. 

Travel with your kit
Enjoy your TakeOff wherever you go.

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The TakeOff batteries are fly safe with each pack being less then 100Wh and individual Battery Management System for safety against shorts, voltage drops and more.

Fast Charging Batteries
Highest spec batteries on the market.

fast charging battery (1).png

The four packs are assembled as one for daily use
and are charged as a single unit as well for your convenience.

Extendable Battery
Double your ride time with the battery extension pack.

Extendable batter (2).png

Our battery allows for extension packs to be plugged in to your standard foil ramping up the total capacity from 388Wh to 776Wh. Ideal when riding the TakeOff in eFoil configuration.

Unmatched Customizability

Plug'n'play battery design.

Unamatched Customizability (2).png

Our battery design allows for multiple battery configurations to match your riding style and level. Personalize your riding experience with the option of both front or back positioning of the battery packs.

Universal Mast Adaptor
For mast chord up to 150mm

Universal Mast Adaptor (1).png

The Takeoff comes with a universal mast adaptor so you can fix it on any mast, at any height. It is equipped with different sized non-abrasive rubber pads to protect your new mast, preventing scratches or damage.

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Less pumping. Less paddling. More Foiling

Freedom of motor position
One-size motor cable length

Universal Compatibility3.png

Powerful Motor
Expertly designed. eFoil inpsired.

Mototr new.png

Enjoy maintenance-free rides with our powerful 4kW motor delivering approximately 29kg of thrust.

Folding Propeller
Versatile Performance

Powerful motor -2.png

The Takeoff comes with a choice of a 2 or 3-blade folding propeller, ensuring versatility in performance.

Remote Control
GPS-enabled. Loaded with features.

Remote Control (2).png

Command your ride with confidence by our ergonomically designed feature packed remote with wireless charging, ride logs, app connectivity and more.

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All become easy with the TakeOff
Prone Foil  |  eFoil  |  Wing Foil  |  Wake Foil  |  Downwind Foil

Cable Management
Low drag aluminum cable channel.

Cable management-01.png

Our hydrodynamic cable channel minimizes drag, while the spare compartment neatly stores any extra cable length.

Wired Antenna
Enhanced connectivity and signal strength.


Resolves signal challenges arising from low volume boards & certain boards with excessive carbon fiber, easily plugged into an existing slot on your takeoff.

Mobile app
Exciting new features upcoming.

Keep a look out! We will be introducing exciting new features in the Manta Foils mobile app, later this year. Some of the features to anticipate include Wave Tracking and online Surfing Leaderboards.

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