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Included items: Efoil, board, remote control, 50Ah battery, charger, bags, wing covers, tefgel, reelX.

The volt efoil just got better!

3 E-foil

Electric PWC

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French Design ------------- Assembled in Dubai

140Min Ride time

45Km/h Max speed

45km Range

Volt 3 high capacity battery combined with a new motor developed in house provides higher top speed and silent operation with longer ride time.

The Volt 3 features a unique built in stabilizer prop guard design which reduces risk of injuries and enhances flight precision and feels very stable.

Computer fluids dynamics designed wings provide best in class stability and improved flight time.


Volt 3 efoil features an innovative stabilizer design built into the prop guard.

Adjustable Stabilizer angle preset system:

- Neutral (Standard)

- Higher lift (for heavier riders and low speed riding)

- Lower Lift (for lighter riders and high speed riders)


Designed and tested in high temperature environment, Volt 3 water-cooled Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) ensures reliable long rides.

Low temperature running electronics provides the rider with the full power all the time. It also enhance system reliability.

Simplified and reliable fully waterproof power and data connection are also key aspects of the volt 3.

Water freely flows into the board's compartment and help cooling down the battery.

The Volt 3 mast head features ball valves that let water flow out while riding up in the air.

Volt 3 - 65cm

65cm long mast is for beginners and riding in flat waters.

Suitable for most riders.

Preferred for inflatable boards and heavier riders.

Volt 3 - 85cm

85cm long mast is for intermediate and advanced riders.

Suitable for carbon boards and allows riders to carve like nothing else.

The extra mast length also provides peace of mind when cruising at high speed or riding in choppy waters.

1600 cm2

The Freeride 1600 cm2 efoil wing is the standard choice for most riders.

It enables stable low to medium speed flights and long range and turns smoothly

It will also allow heavier riders to fly easily.

1350 cm2

The Glider 1350 cm2 high aspect efoil wing will improve top speed and range and at the expense of lower lifting power.

Not suitable for sharp turns carving.


Market's highest capacity at 50Ah = ride time up to 120min.

The battery is fully waterproof (IP67 when connectors are plugged in).

A smart BMS (battery management system) with bluetooth connectivity provides safety features such as short circuit protection, temperature and discharge monitoring, etc...

Battery status accessible via Mantafoils smartphone app.

The Battery gets activated once the board's cover is closed.


available june 2022 - free upgrade for volt 3 early buyers

The Volt remote v2 features improved design over previous model.

The large display provides clear speed and other values reading.

Some functions are as follows (not limited to):

- User Customizable display

- GPS speed display

- max speed display

- Estimated distance and travel remaining and elapsed

- Estimated distance to home point (set by user)

- low battery warning

- electronics status (instant power, motor efficiency, temperature, etc...)

- data logging for track records and display on mobile app

- various units change

- speed limiter

- power limiter

- custom startup power level

- adjustable cruise level with continuous press of plus and minus without the need for gear system.

- adjustable rpm ramping speed for more control

- auto OFF display when riding to reduce battery consumption

- Firmware update over the air (with mobile phone app)

- full power OFF when power is closed to avoid battery drainage over time.

- wireless charging

- long range trigger for more precise riding experience (adjustable spring).

- floating remote


The Volt waterproof remote simple design yet efficient has battery level monitoring, Temperature, cruise control.

Simple trigger design allows precise flight control.

our boards

Carbon 65L


Advanced Level

rider weight <85kg

The Carbon 65L is the most extreme board of the range. Its low volume and size makes it the perfect toy for advanced riders looking for riding with lightest equipment.

The narrow shape allows high carving angles and high speed.

Carbon 95L


All Levels

rider weight <90kg

The Carbon 95L features high rigidity and medium volume for good all around performance.

Inflatable 110L


All Levels

rider weight <90kg

The Inflatable 110L suits most riders. Easy to transport when deflated and folded in half.

The inflatable robust material will prevent damages when handled on sensitive surfaces such as yacht decks for example.

Inflatable 145L


All Levels

rider weight >90kg

The Inflatable 145L is similar to the Inflatable 110L with an additional 35L to suit heavier riders.


Top speed : 45 km/h - 28 mph

Battery capacity : 50Ah - 2.6Wh

Battery Charging time : 2.5 hrs - fast charger | 4.5 hrs - Std charger

Assembled board weight : 32kg - 70lbs depends on board and mast length

Ride time : up to 140 min

Engine rated power : 6,000 W

Remote Charging : Wireless

Max rider weight : 110kg - 250lbs

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