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All you need to know (F.A.Q)

We tried to list down below most of the questions raised by our customers. if you do not find the answer below, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Taking care of your hydrofoil

It is good practice to always clean your equipement with clear tap water after every kite session to avoid corrosion from sea water. While arrow foil carbon and stainless steel materials are nearly notaffected by corrosion, manta kitefoils mast and fuselage are made of aluminum and prone to corrosion. they are protected by anodized layer that prevents corrosion. For every screw it is a must to use Tef-gel (supplied with every manta kits). if the foil is dismantled it is advisable to add tef gel before the next use.


A word about warranty...

All our products have been tested for use in what we define as normal condition. jumping with kitefoils is not considered as standard use. while the foils can resist to most of the jumps we believe that excessive hard landings can damage your equipment on the long run. such practice / damaged wouldn't be covered. however you can easily get new parts as our products are fully modular!


Foil assembly


All our foils are fully dismantable for easy travels! we recommend to take great care while screwing the parts together. tight fit is a must but no overtight as it would damage the product. the use of loctite thread locker (blue=medium strength) is recommended to avod loose elements that could get lost!

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